Our kitchen

Can you imagine after a day exploring sitting down at the beautiful laid table. Let Berbera surprise you with her creative cooking.

Berbera gets her inspiration from everywhere. She often adds a fresh twist to a classic dish and makes different combinations of ingredients. Don’t be surprised if we serve you a dish where vegetables and fruits are the star of the dish. How about a dish with traditional ingredients from the Auvergne but prepared with Asian techniques?

Please let us know 2 days ahead if you would like to join us for diner

We buy our meat at the award winning butchers’ Fougerouse in Saint Anthème.

We serve local cheeses bought directly at the farm or at the local fromagerie Ô Saveurs d’Auvergne .
Seasonal vegetables and fruits as much as possible from local producers or our own vegetable garden.
Freshly baked bread is part of every French meal. When time permits we bake our bread ourselves in our bread oven. Baking a proper bread takes time and attention. Unfortunately on busy days we haven’t got the time to do it ourselves. In that case we get bread at our local bakery.
Would you like to have a go at bread baking? Maarten is always ready to do this together with you. We are happy to give you some sourdough culture and the recipe at departure. You can bake real French bread at home.

Vegetarian kitchen

In our region it is difficult to eat vegetarian.  Gluten and lactose free also is not easy to find but no problem for us.

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know in advance. We will do our utmost to serve you a tasty and exciting dinner.

Please let us know any dietary requirement with your reservation so we can take it into account.

Eating out

You can find some excellent restaurants close by Le Moulin Malin. We would like to recommand a few.

Le Droublieï

Close by Le Moulin Malin you will find restaurant Le Droublieï with marvellous views over the valley

In Le Droublieï they serve a lovely cheese fondue made of the local ‘Fourme’. The fondue is served in a wheel of ‘Fourme’! Next to the fondue also consider the raclette . If you don’t like cheese don’t worry, you can also order a menu without cheese in advance. Please mention this with your reservation.

Jasserie du Coq Noir

On top of the Col des Supeyres you will find the old summer farm Le Coq Noir. On the menu  local dishes from the past.

Combine lunch or dinner in this restaurant with a walk on the beautiful Col de Supeyres.

Auberge les Pradeaux

On Col des Pradeaux in between Saint Anthème and Ambert you will find Auberge les Pradeaux. A restaurant to be recommended

Don’t expect a real local menu but enjoy delicious, modern tasty dishes. A lovely
restaurant to have a meal after a walk.

Le Narcisses

Fancy you or your children a burger or pizza after all the French dinners?

In that case go to Les Narcisses in (Saint-Clément-de-Valorgue) for a lunch or dinner.

Le Clos Perché

Le Clos Perché in Montarcher is a 20 minutes drive from Le MoulinMalin in the medieval village Montarcher A luxury restaurant where you will have a lovely dinner.

‘ An absolute must, ‘ said our guests who spent a weekend with us to dine at Le Clos Perché.

Les Sabot

Op 20 minuten rijden in een oud dorpje ligt het restaurant Le Clos Perché een luxe restaurant waar je heerlijk kunt eten.

Regelmatig hebben komen er gasten uit St. Etienne of Montbrison die het weekend bij ons verblijven om in dit restaurant te gaan eten. Een absolute aanrader.


Reservation on beforehand is necessary in all restaurants. If you let us know when you would like to eat in which restaurant we will do our best to reserve a table.